Greater Purpose

By working for the Endowment, you will support one of the world's leading educational and research institutions. Our results facilitate the University's growth, benefiting students, faculty, and the larger global community. 

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Culture of Excellence

Our office fosters an environment of intellectual curiosity and excellence. Working alongside Yale's world-class investment partners, you will learn about a variety of investment strategies. 


Work/Life Balance

Our softball team (est. 1985) is just one example of our ability to relax and enjoy time outside of the office.


Investing 101

There is no better place to be introduced to investments of all types. From startups to wind farms, you will learn about investing across a number of different asset types. 


Your Future

An internship in the Yale Investments Office can lead to an offer to join us (or one of our world-class investment partners) full time after graduation.  

Flat Hierarchy

You will collaborate with everyone in the office, regardless of experience - a product of our open office environment.