"Yale's Endowment is the engine that drives the university. It supports 34% of our total operations: from the financial aid we give to our great students to our cutting edge scientific research, from our world-class professors to our unparalleled art collections. The Yale Investments Office is simply the best in the world. It not only makes our research and education possible. It is itself the home of great research and education.  It trains the best investment experts on the planet.  It has changed Yale and the world." –Ben Polak, Provost
A class being held in the Wurtele Gallery of the Yale University Art Gallery. Photo credit: Jessica Smolinski

A class being held in the Wurtele Gallery of the Yale University Art Gallery. Photo credit: Jessica Smolinski


"The Yale University Art Gallery depends on the Yale Endowment for 62% of its annual operating budget, which helps ensure that the Gallery remains free for all – no admission fees, no charge of tours, and no ticket costs for programs.  One of the Gallery’s signature educational programs, the Wurtele Gallery Teachers, graduate students who are trained to lead all of the k-12 and many of the public tours, has grown dramatically since the fund’s inception in 2005.  The Wurtele Endowment started with $500,000 in principal, which generated income to support 6 teachers at its inception. With the success of the program, demand has grown, and with the success of the endowment, resources have grown. Today the fund supports 17 graduate student employees who serve the more than 14,000 school children and thousands of public visitors who tour the Gallery." Jock Reynolds, Director of the Yale University Art Gallery 


"The work of Team Swensen and the Yale Endowment has had an immeasurable impact on the Department of Athletics and the experiences of our student athletes. The alumni and friends of Yale Athletics have been incredibly generous with their gifts to endow many aspects of our sports programs. From Head Coaching positions to programmatic endowments that fund recruiting, equipment and travel needs -the growth of these funds allow our teams, students and coaches to have experiences that are unparalleled and in many cases life changing.–Tom Beckett, Director of Athletics