Yale Investments Office 2014 Recruiting

Position: Investment Analyst
Information Session: September 22nd, 4:00pm at 55 Whitney Avenue, 5th floor
Application Deadline: September 25th, 9:30am
Compensation: Competitive salary and bonus, as well as substantial benefits
Start: Summer 2015


Do you love Yale?  Are you excited by the prospect of traveling the world and meeting equity managers, wind farm owners, venture capitalists, and hedge funds?  Are you intellectually curious, analytical, and personable?

The Yale Investments Office, which manages the nearly $24 billion Yale Endowment, is seeking analysts who answer yes to any of the above questions.  Past and current analysts possess varied academic backgrounds – we’ve hired natural science, social science, humanities, and engineering majors.  We look for intelligent students eager to attack new challenges and work for a meaningful cause.  Over the last 20 years, the Yale Endowment has contributed $12 billion to the University’s operating budget, contributions that have enabled Yale to maintain its place as a world-class haven for aspiring students, brilliant professors, and cutting edge research.  Working to generate these billions of dollars for the University is the Yale Investments Office staff, who, over the same 20 year period, has produced the highest annualized returns of any college endowment.

Analysts will work directly with senior staff, including Chief Investment Officer David Swensen and Senior Director Dean Takahashi, meet and interact with some of the world’s leading investment managers, and help identify Yale’s next investment opportunities.  Analysts will have significant responsibility and will be tasked with a variety of different projects and roles.  Examples of past projects include building a model of a financial swap, researching the merits of investing in a new geography, and analyzing 100 years of historical market data.  While every analyst tracks the performance of current managers and evaluates the qualifications of prospective managers, other aspects of the position lead each individual to have a unique experience.  Most importantly, analysts learn how to perform their many roles within an office culture of teamwork, collaboration, and openness.  Prior investment knowledge is not required.


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2015 Investment Analyst position.

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