Led by Chief Investment Officer David F. Swensen and operating under the guidance of Yale's Investment Committee, the Investments Office manages Yale's Endowment and certain related assets.

     Totaling $25.6 billion on June 30, 2015, the Endowment contains thousands of funds with a variety of purposes and restrictions. Approximately three-quarters constitute true endowment - gifts restricted by donors to provide long-term funding for designated purposes. The remaining one-quarter represent quasi-endowment, monies that the Yale Corporation chooses to invest and treat as endowment.

     During the decade ending June 30, 2015, Yale's investment program added $8.0 billion relative to the results of the mean endowment. The University's twenty-year returns tell a similarly strong story. A market-leading return of 13.7 percent per annum produced $22.5 billion in relative value added to support Yale's mission of teaching and research. Over the past thirty years, Yale's investments have returned an unparalleled 13.9 percent per annum, adding $27.0 billion in value. Sensible long-term investment policies, grounded by a commitment to equities and a belief in diversification, underpin the University's investment success.

     For more information on the Yale Investments Office and what we do, please see our annual Endowment Update.